Bermudian Church is happy to announce special events and activities here and invite you to join us.

Special events and activities will also be listed on the church calendar. 

  • Meat Canning Ministry

    Join us for this annual ministry outreach, which helps feed those in need.

    The Bermudian Church time slot is Monday, April 5th, 2021 - starting at 7:15 a. m.

    A signup sheet is available in The Gathering Place or you can contact your Witness Commission.  Sign up now.  Make a difference!

  • Aero Energy  House of Worship Program

    Sign up for the House of Worship Program with Aero Energy and they will donate 4 cents to Bermudian church for each gallon of fuel you use.  It's just that simple!

    The House of Worship Program is a donation program established by Aero Energy to provide Aero Energy customers an opportunity to give to their churches. 

    If 100 Aero Energy customers from our congregation sign up to participate, our church could receive an annual $3,000.00 donation (based on 750 gal/year average fuel use per participant).


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